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Sundried Tomatoes 0

Sundried Tomatoes

I had to figure out a way to use all the tomatoes I had from our garden and from our CSA and I was getting tired of making diced tomatoes and homemade marinara sauce...

Grilled Marinated Shrimp 0

Grilled Marinated Shrimp

Nothing fancy here folks….take a bag of raw, de-veined shrimp (I usually buy a bag that is large in size and about 30-40 count), thaw them and then marinate them in olive oil, minced...


Almond Banana Pancakes

Eating paleo means no more pancakes, no more cereal, no more oatmeal, etc.  That also means eating more bacon and sausage and a lot more eggs.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE bacon and...