About Foodieo

Foodieo is the combination of foodie tastes and paleo recipes.


Foodieo provides cooking experience ideas to people looking for healthy, diverse and creative options.


Foodieo is the way my husband and I eat.  We left the standard american diet a few years back and adopted the paleo diet.  It made a world of difference for us and we decided to make it part of our lives.  We’ve done the whole 30 thing, cut out certain foods for periods of time and reintroduced them.  We have a good idea of what works best for us.  Its not strict Paleo, but its pretty close.

We try our best to eat fresh, organic and local foods.  Accomplishing this 100% is very difficult but we make an effort, do our best, and try to improve over time.  We belong to a CSA, grow organic vegetables in our backyard, and buy beef and pork from local farmers who pasture raise the animals.

We hope you enjoy the recipe ideas.  Try em out. Share any modifications you use in the comments section.